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2008-09-27 19:02:44 by TimeforplanB

Just downloaded Castle Crashers! Add me!

XBL gamertag: Zero Warfare

EDIT: LOL at the ending.


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2008-10-03 03:24:09

FUCK YOU! Its idiotic to assume that all people on here have an xbox.

But god do i want one.

(Updated ) TimeforplanB responds:

I never assumed everyone had a xbox, idiot.

Also i have all 3 consoles. And i bought the 360 and ps3 myself :D


2008-10-13 18:30:28

hey mister time for plan b shut the hell up you fucking nerd nobody asked you what you have but btw i have all 3 systems also but i got them all before you =]

TimeforplanB responds:

Oh haha logan. Atleast i can say i bought mine with my own money, not my mom's. Also, the wii is your sisters.