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I got a new microhpone

2010-01-18 13:34:15 by TimeforplanB

While the option to find the kind of cable to plug from my amp into my computer is there, I bought a nice $60 microphone from Guitar Center seeing as I had the gift card. So, the tiny USB mic surprised me when I started recording my guitar just by putting it next to the amp. So one of my recordings I did all in one take and I submitted to Newgrounds, which is my first submission so go check it out :)


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2010-03-12 22:52:43 "bought" it with the help of your five fingers and jacket pocket

TimeforplanB responds:

Kinda hard to steal behind the counter stuff at guitar center.


2010-04-25 10:53:04

Liked the song.

also is your user name related to Enter Shikari?

TimeforplanB responds:

My user name isn't related to anything. I was like... 13 when I made the account.