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Whoa man, wtf?

2008-09-11 01:25:00 by TimeforplanB

So anyway me and my friends were skating around, and after hanging out at safeway this kid named Lance comes up, and I didn't know who the fuck he was at the time. Later, it turns out he smokes, and he's only 12, holy shit. Didn't realize people were that stupid. Smoking when you're young instantly makes you retarded imo.

Off topic, I got bored enough to make a myspace, and you may flame, if you want to be banned from my userpage.


2008-09-05 21:57:48 by TimeforplanB


The first week of school is over and it's not as bad as I thought.

I found something awesome

2008-08-17 16:39:21 by TimeforplanB

A supposedly scientifically accurate IQ test designed for ppl 18 and up. Even though it's designed for older people I still got 145, yay, I guess that means I'm intelligent and smarter than at least 90% of newgrounds! Proof

EDIT: I think the link might not show my score anymore.


2008-08-08 19:07:22 by TimeforplanB


Also, the best song ever


2008-07-22 01:36:16 by TimeforplanB


Hey guys

2008-07-20 06:21:04 by TimeforplanB

So, i'm new here and i wanted to say, free cookies for all!

Also, i had no idea time for plan b was a band when i made this.

Hey guys